Our Story

Our Arrival: The Giuliano Family

Our family story begins with the marriage of Mattia Tromba and Pietro Sturiale in 1917(?).  They were two Italian immigrants living in the U.S.  They met, married and shortly after the birth of their children, Carmela, Antonina and Giacomo, traveled back to Italy (Fiumedinisi, Sicily) to raise their family.

Carmela, Antonina and Giacomo grew up in Italy, were married and each had children of their own.  Our branch of the family is descendent from/of? Carmela Sturiale.  Carmela met and married Filippo Giuliano (Messina, Italy).  They had four children, Francesco Paolo “Paul” and Mattia were born in Messina; the two younger children, Maria Rita “Rita” and Assuntina ‘Tina”, were born in Rome as Carmela and Filippo had moved there following WWII.  In 1958, Carmela immigrated to the U.S. (although she was a U.S. Born citizen) and thereafter applied to bring her family to the U.S. (husband and four children), who arrived in July of 1959.  Filippo and the children became U.S. Citizens and the family made a life in Silver Spring, Maryland.

While Carmela and Filippo are no longer alive, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have made a home for themselves in the US.  The descendants today consist of Paul and his sons Philip and Jason, and granddaughter Gabriele; Mattia with her son John and daughter Carol and grandchildren Carina, William, Ava and Jackson; Rita and Tina.

Our Food:

Growing up in Italy our meals were a combination of the Sicilian and Roman cuisine.  We continued that style in the U.S. as well, but as kids we did take a shine to PB&J sandwiches and later to grilling steaks and ribs.  As adults, and when the children and grandchildren were born, some of our traditional dishes were modified to prepare them faster and healthier.

This site will present the traditional dishes, as well as some modern modifications we have adopted over the years.  Many of our modifications grew out of necessity or to accommodate a quicker and healthier alternative.  In addition, we have invited our cousins in Italy to occasionally share with us their dinner and/or supper menus and recipes from their everyday life.

Welcome, sit down, and please….Mangia Bene!

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